Dave Fript

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Dave Fript

About Dave!

When Dave Fript was a small child, say five years old, he would walk around the house singing the Mickey Mouse Club song, and he would say to his mother, “Mother, I want to be an actor when I grow up.” His mother would reply, “David, you will starve to death. Get a real job!” So, for over 40 years, Dave taught history in high school. It was very good and very rewarding, but at a certain age, it became now or never to see if he could achieve his childhood dream. Could he actually become an actor?

So, in 2018, he announced that he was going to make a mid-life career change (although most of his friends said that he retired). To facilitate his new life, he took voice over classes at the Acting Studio of Chicago, and then stand-up classes at Second City. He then took part in the Second City Conservatory Program where he met the group that would become “You Seem Like,” his improv group. While that was going on, he participated in Comedy Sportz Rec. League for a year. In addition to all of that, he was doing voice over work, stand-up comedy, commercials, and now he has started appearing in short films.

He says that he has traded the safety and security of the structured life of a school teacher for the roller coaster ride that is being and actor. It’s been a busy, hectic ride, but his second act is one that he would never change.